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Difference between C# standard image segmentation and image segmentation in SKIASHARP

Techno_DevelopTechno_Develop Member ✭✭✭

The image is divided in C# as shown in the code below.
I want to make this a SKIASHARP one, but I don't know how to do it.
Please tell me.

img = Image.FromFile(imgpath);
Rectangle rect;
int iX = (nX ) % tilecnt;
int iY = (nY ) % tilecnt;

rect = new Rectangle(iX * (img.Width / tilecnt), iY * (img.Height / tilecnt), (img.Width / tilecnt), (img.Height / tilecnt));

Bitmap bmpNew = new Bitmap(img);
bmpNew = bmpNew.Clone(rect, bmpNew.PixelFormat);
img = bmpNew;


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