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So frustrated with Xamarin.... not sure where to go.

hayedidhayedid Member ✭✭✭

Hi. I made a card game in Xamarin. Appears to work well in the emulator. and the game logic is pretty simple.

Main page - show players hand
Now and then a choice page pops up via PushModalAsync (to choose a state, etc).
AI processing is done in an iCommand with minor screen updates, and then control returns to the Main page.

However, within 3 rounds you can see the game start to slow down. Within 6-7 it is unusable. The simple discard loop which moves cards from the players Card Dictionary to the Discard Dictionary will sit and hang for several seconds.

I watched memory as I played and while I played on my device, memory was between 1.5 to 1.6 GB used of 3.0 GB available on the device. This did not spike, and it didn't increase more than expected.

I'm at a loss. I really want to like Xamarin, but I've found it to be very unreliable.

I don't know where to even begin resolving this one as I don't think it's a coding issue. I'm careful with garbage collection. The few sounds I use aren't big enough to account for this and I do a dispose on the player when I'm done.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I feel throwing my computer at this point.

Thank you.


  • RainerMagerRainerMager JPMember ✭✭✭

    Have you done any profiling to see which area of the code is taking time? That sounds like a good first step.

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