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Linker issue with Xamarin.Forms iOS app

faceoffers28faceoffers28 USUniversity ✭✭✭

I just started a new app, and I've got a linker issue when trying to Build the iOS app.

My environment.

Visual Studio 2017
Xarmarn.iOS & Xamarin.Mac SDK

I'm running XCode 10.1 on MacBook Pro. I can't upgrade until I get a new Mac. I'm using the 12.1 SDK to compile the app with "Link Framework SDKs Only".

All I have installed at this point in my iOS app is Xamarin.Forms I have tried the latest version & a bunch of versions in between.

Does anyone know what is the last version of Xamarin.Forms that successfully compiled using the 12.1 SDK? It would be nice if this dependency was added to the list in Nuget.

Thanks! Any help is truly appreciated!


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