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View disappeared while adding list view item dynamically

i have created view using custom rendered, and added it in list view item template. the view appear only at load time, if i tried to add new item old items get disappeared. it worked well in X.F version, after update with latest it not worked,

`var width = RootLayout.MeasuredWidth; //rootlayout is relative layout.
var height = RootLayout.MeasuredHeight;

AvailableSize = new System.Drawing.Size(width, height);`

used above code to set desired size for view. while dynamic update width and height became "0" after updated with 4.4 and above version.

i have attach my sample, please suggest solution. is this any breaking changes.

image 1: from XF version - 3.6.0344

image 2: XF version <4.4......


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