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Resume app after notification click

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I'm developing cross platform app with Xamarin.Forms that show a notification when a timer finishes and the app is not active. I tried using Local Notifications Plugin, but I had problems with shared library reference. So I took the code from github and I use more or less the same code in my app. Now I had another problem: when notification is clicked the launcher activity is launched instead of resume the current activity.

I think that the problem is in LocalNotificationsImplementation class. In Show() method there is this code:

var resultIntent = GetLauncherActivity();
resultIntent.SetFlags(ActivityFlags.NewTask | ActivityFlags.ClearTask);
var stackBuilder = Android.Support.V4.App.TaskStackBuilder.Create(Application.Context);
var resultPendingIntent =
    stackBuilder.GetPendingIntent(0, (int)PendingIntentFlags.UpdateCurrent);
 _manager.Notify(id, builder.Build());

And this is GetLauncherActivity()

public static Intent GetLauncherActivity()
    var packageName = Application.Context.PackageName;
    return Application.Context.PackageManager.GetLaunchIntentForPackage(packageName);

I can see that this method gets the launcher.

Is it possible to get an Intent to only resume the app to show the current screen?

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