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VS upgrade broke my iOS projects.

I upgraded my VS to latest and I am on Mojave OS.With Mojave I can install only Xcode 11.3 , Due to my organizational restriction, I can't upgrade my OS to Catalina and Hence I cannot use xCode11.4 for now . With my recent VS upgrade I am getting new errors with any Xamarin.iOS project. I simply created a new PCL based app and I can't run iOS hello world in simulator as well. Following errors are coming with any iOS project now . I don't to go back to safest iOS compatible with xCode11.3 version.

/Projects/PCLApp/iOS/MTOUCH: Error MT5210: Native linking failed, undefined symbol: ___darwin_check_fd_set_overflow. Please verify that all the necessary frameworks have been referenced and native libraries are properly linked in. (MT5210) (PCLApp.iOS)

/Projects/PCLApp/iOS/MTOUCH: Error MT5202: Native linking failed. Please review the build log. (MT5202) (PCLApp.iOS)

/Projects/PCLApp/iOS/clang: Error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation) (PCLApp.iOS)

Happy to share project and errors I am getting to the any dev team .


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