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How to set Xamarin.Forms StatusBarColor

m_y_tahirm_y_tahir Member ✭✭
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Hello, I am havin issues trying to add StatusBarColor to my Android Project, but initially I am XF.Material Library but totally confused on how to implement StatusBarColor on it, I am using Android 5.1 Physical Device to test my App.

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  • ColeXColeX Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai
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    You could define MaterialNavigationPage.StatusBarColor insdie ContenPage .

        <ContentPage .... xmlns:material="clr-namespace:XF.Material.Forms.UI;assembly=XF.Material"
                   material:MaterialNavigationPage.StatusBarColor="#1B3147" ></ ContentPage>

  • RainerMagerRainerMager JPMember ✭✭✭

    I just struggled with this myself and finally got it working.
    In my Android project I have:

    using Android.OS;
    using BeerPlease.App.Droid;
    using BeerPlease.App.Forms;
    using Plugin.CurrentActivity;
    using Xamarin.Forms;
    using Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android;
    [assembly: Dependency(typeof(StatusBarRenderer))]
    namespace BeerPlease.App.Droid
        public class StatusBarRenderer : IStatusBarPlatformSpecific
            public StatusBarRenderer()
            public void SetStatusBarColor(Color color)
                if(Build.VERSION.SdkInt >= BuildVersionCodes.Lollipop) {
                    var androidColor = color.AddLuminosity(-0.1).ToAndroid();
                    var window = CrossCurrentActivity.Current.Activity.Window;
                    // See
                    window.DecorView.SystemUiVisibility = color.Luminosity > 0.5
                        ? (Android.Views.StatusBarVisibility)8192
                        : Android.Views.StatusBarVisibility.Visible;

    This uses the CurrentActivity plugin, which makes it easy to get the current activity in Android from anywhere.

    Then in your XF project add something like this:

    using Xamarin.Forms;
    namespace BeerPlease.App.Forms
        public interface IStatusBarPlatformSpecific
            void SetStatusBarColor(Color color);

    Finally, also in your XF project add something like this to your main App class, the one that extends Xamarin.Forms.Application:

                    if(CurrentApp.Resources.TryGetValue("ColorPageBackground", out var color)) {
                        var statusbar = DependencyService.Get<IStatusBarPlatformSpecific>();

    In my case I'm getting the color from my Resources, but obviously you could just hard code it too.

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