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Extremely long build with xamarin forms android

dalton5dalton5 Member ✭✭


I have a xamarin forms project with Xamarin.Forms v4.5 with Vs 2019.

And I compile with using Android 10.0 Q.

When I build in debug mode it's extremely long.

In my output it hangs 10 minutes on the line:

1>------ Build started: Project: Dev.Mobile.Android, Configuration: Debug Any CPU ------

Once it passes this step it's quite fast.

My setup for the build is:

What could bhe the issue? How can I investigate?



  • DamianSuessDamianSuess USMember ✭✭✭
    How big/complex is your VS solution? Is it a simple test project or many projects with many files in the sln? I'm assuming your machine's specs aren't lacking, youre not in power save mode, and antivirus is not an Achilles heal slowing you down. Not knowing the environment leads to a lot of "could be" responses.
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