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Unistall Plugin.Permissions packages but intellisense still suggests them as an option.

Will.ItraxWill.Itrax CAMember ✭✭✭

I recently went on a binge and replaced many older packages like Plugin.Permissions, with their XamarinEssential counterparts. Imagine my surprise when in response to a squiggly under BasePermission in:

        public static async Task<PermissionStatus> CheckAndRequestPermissionAsync<T>(T permission)
                    where T : BasePermission

intellisense served up Plugin.Permission as the first option. (So maybe it was first because it was alphabetical – I don’t know). Previously I had uninstalled Plugin.Permissions from every project that had it. Even after doing a Clean and deleting bin and obj dirs, intellisense wants to give me Plugin.Permission. I did a file search for Plugin.Permissions on my project after building again and found Plugin.Permission.dll and .pdb deep below an obj directory. How did it get there??

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  • Will.ItraxWill.Itrax CAMember ✭✭✭

    @jezh Thanks, I did not know that. Are there any other plugins that are automatically included?

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