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General questions: Backend, Database?

Hello everyone!

I want to program two different cross-platform apps in Xamarin (C #). If person A is added to a list in app A, person B in app B should see this list (with person A added). There should also be a chat between the people, etc.

What would you recommend to save this data? What kind of backend would you use? Are there any simple sample projects on GitHub that I can understand and learn better? If you need more info please ask.


  • vinaosbvinaosb Member

    The database in itself shouldn't matter much... I would still suggest using a SQL type DB and generate random keys to the unique ID instead of incrementing it to avoid conflicts... (Using the hash of the data would be ok)
    You should send the data from A to B in a json or xml format so that both have all the data sincronized.
    You could use SignalR to send the data in broadcast btw.

    You could also use a Blockchain like an Ethereum Blockchain to ensure that everyone has all the data... (Just logging in the Blockchain the Hash of the Data plus the sender of the information).

  • jezhjezh Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Hi @XamarinNewcomers , hope you are doing well. I’d like to follow up with you to see if there is any progress. Thanks!

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