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Page Navigation Busy Spinner

sisaackssisaacks Member ✭✭✭✭

Hello All, I am relative new to Xamarin. I have started building a Shell Application.
From one of my tabs I have a button where I navigate to another page which is fired form a command in my ViewModel
This is the code to navigate to the page - await Shell.Current.Navigation.PushModalAsync(new AddNewItemView(), false);

  1. How do I get a busy spinner to show while loading the new page? I am using Syncfusion controls but I have yet to find a way for the spinner to show. I have tried all there examples but its not working.

  2. PushModalAsync seems to be VERY VERY slow. If I go to "PushAsync" it speeds up to a fraction of the time. I am not sure why. It all seems rather clunky, however it could me from my lack of understanding.

Best Answer

  • sisaackssisaacks Member ✭✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    Yeah basically i had to add a Task.Delay for 500 seconds to get the spinner to show.
    What I would really like to do, and have yet to figure out, I have a Shell Application, it would be nice to have
    a busy spinner when changing tabs. But not entirely sure how to do that when switching tabs.


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