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Nagging problem with DownloadManager

GuyProvostGuyProvost CAMember ✭✭✭

I've implemented a file download function in our Android App using DownloadManager.

In a "old" API 23 Android real phone, I can use it without any problems. The same on en emulator using API 23 also.

But if I use API level 27 or above in a emulator, I can download a small file without any problems, but if the file is larger, it stops giving a reason or 1008 meaning "Canno't resume".

I ordre to troubleshoot, I built an app that has a simple UI consisting of 2 button. One downloads a zip file of 217kb and the other one a zip file of 34 461 kb.

On a API 23 level app... Everything works fine, in API 27 or above, the big file fails the lighter one is fine!

Both phones have plenty of free space!

Also, on the API 23 app, I can see the file being downloaded in the top bar, but on API 27 or above I can't see it.

Any clues ?


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