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Can't pair to Mac from VS19 Win, "Broker initialization exceeded timeout"

RezaMohamedRezaMohamed USMember ✭✭✭
edited March 29 in Xamarin.Forms

Recently I am getting the following error while trying to pair to my mac, would anyone know how to resolve this? There is nothing on the web related to this message that I can find.

Everything I have tried so far:

-Deleting %localappdata%\Temp\Xamarin\XMA\IDB.Local

-Deleting hosts.key from %Localappdata%l\Xamarin\MonoTouch

-connecting from a different Windows machine to the mac

Current windows version:
VS19 16.5.1

Current Mac version:
VSMAC 8.5 Build 3183
Xamarin ios

I have another mac that this windows machine is able to pair with successfully, has all the same components, except this mac does not have the latest Mac OS update (10.15.4 which is on the one that I cant connect to), this one is still on 10.15.3... I am holding off on updating because of this issue and being unsure if its the mac update causing the issue.

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