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Swift binding for Xamarin macOS

VRahikkaVRahikka Member ✭✭


I started from binding projects for Objective-C and was able to get that working based on the iOS tutorials. Now I want to proceed to Swift binding projects but I am having some problems following

So I just want to create my own Switft library that I could use in my C# project (not create proxy Swift framework for existing Swift library).

First question does this even work on macOS? Can I call swift libraries trough binding project on macOS.

In the walktrough they create Framework. Can it be dynamic or static library as well?

Also in the walktrough they fiddle around with settings like Objective-C Generated interface Header Name. I cannot find this setting in my project at all. Is this some kind of deprecated setting and do I need to change Enable Bitcode options on macOS?

Do I need to manually create the header file to expose is as Objective-C or should it be done by the XCode automatically?



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  • VRahikkaVRahikka Member ✭✭

    Thank you Chris for clarifying this!

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