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When adding the controls through the storyboard, the properties are not applied correctly.

EswaranEswaran INMember ✭✭

In my case, I added a UITextField in the storyboard and I tried to apply some properties through the property window. I enabled the Secure Text Entry property in the property window and I changed the text using the text property in the property window. When changing the text through text property, the UITextField in the storyboard doesn't display the password text rather it displayed the text which I typed in the text property. Can anyone please tell why it is not displaying the password character even though when the Secure Text Entry is enabled in the property window. For the reference, I have attached a video describing the issue which I have faced when adding control through a storyboard. Please download the video using the below link and provide me a better solution for the query.

Video Link: Demo Video


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