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How to resize png icon in Bottom Tab in Xamarin.Forms Shell

I am using Xamarin.Forms Shell. I have used following code to generate tab:

    <ShellContent Title="Map" Icon="img1.png">

    <ShellContent Title="fun2" 
    <ShellContent Title="fun3" Icon="img3.png"
                  ContentTemplate="{DataTemplate views:MyTrips}">

    <ShellContent Title="fun4" Icon="img4.png"> 
        <views:Inbox />

I want to change the tab height at bottom (increase image icon size).

Please suggest how to do it in android?


  • ColeXColeX Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    You can customize tabbar and the icons with creating your own layout xaml file and override the method OnCreateView in ShellItemRenderer .

    Google Xamarin.Forms Shell: Customizing the TabBar (Android) and step into the first link to check the details .

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