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Local notifications not working when app is breaked on Huawei device [Xamarin.Android]

I have created a Xamarin.Forms app, but I am oriented to android platform. I have released the app in 2 devices: Samsung (Android 6.0 API 23) and Huawei (Android 6.0 API 23), the problem is on the huawei device, which when I want to create a local notification that it needs to be displayed when app is breaked, (by creating a broadcast receiver, etc) it is not displayed, otherwise on samsung it is, im sure that the problem is not on the code (is obvious, the code is not specialized on an specific device), so I believe more that the problem is on my huawei device, any suggestions for this problem?? (if code is required for the solution of the problem let me know to update my post)

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