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How to ge image to save which is cropped

When I crop image all controls goes

how to add buttton control to page and how to get cropped image to save

void OnDoneButtonClicked(object sender, EventArgs args)
croppedBitmap = photoCropper.CroppedBitmap;

        SKCanvasView canvasView = new SKCanvasView();
        canvasView.PaintSurface += OnCanvasViewPaintSurface;
        Content = canvasView;

    void OnCanvasViewPaintSurface(object sender, SKPaintSurfaceEventArgs args)
        SKImageInfo info = args.Info;
        SKSurface surface = args.Surface;
        SKCanvas canvas = surface.Canvas;

        canvas.DrawBitmap(croppedBitmap, info.Rect, BitmapStretch.Uniform);


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