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Shell Top Bar Swipe


I created a page via a Shell to switch between tabs. That goes well, only I want to swipe a finger to the left and right to switch tabs. How can I solve this?

This is the WPF code in my mainpage to create the tabs:

<Tab Title="Centrale aansturing" Icon="Switches"> <ShellContent Title="Verlichting / Deuren" ContentTemplate="{DataTemplate local:GBSPage}"/> <ShellContent Title="Verlichtingspunten" ContentTemplate="{DataTemplate local:BuildingLightsPage}"/> <ShellContent Title="Beveiligingscamera's" ContentTemplate="{DataTemplate local:SecurityCamPage}"/> </Tab>



  • WendyZangWendyZang Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    This question has been reported.
    It would be fixed in the future. You could follow the link.

  • DylanBDylanB Member
    edited January 29

    Okay, that's a bummer. I tried to solve it myself with detection in the pages themselves. But that didn't fixed how I hoped.
    Maybe someone is creative with a temporary solution so that I can still implement it. Thank you for your response WendyZang :smile:

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