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App Crash on Release

Franck_SDEAFranck_SDEA Member ✭✭
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Hi devs and happy new year !

I have installed my Xamarin Android App, after Release Building and Signing v2 with ApkSigner.

The application remains frozen on a blank page. In Debug Mode with the same smartphone, that work fine.

What do you think this could come from ?

Thx a lot ! ;)


  • Franck_SDEAFranck_SDEA Member ✭✭

    After testing, if I deploy app by Visual Studio, that work fine but, if I install the apk manually with v2 signature, it crash.

    I noticed that if I install the apk manually, the directory of the application which is supposed to be created in "Internal Storage/Android/data/" is not created !

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