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Hi guys, I've been trying to implement code from "xamarin microsoft page" regarding the local notification.
I tried to post the link here, but the this page doesnt let me saying I need to be around for a little while.
The code that Ive tried, given by their team work succesfully.
but the notification will be triggered right after we tap the "button".
I want to make it, to notify the user by following the dateTime value.
And Im developping a cross platform application.

    result1 = 20000 + mEntry; 
            result2 = result1 / avgEntry;
            DateTime endDateTime = DateTime.Now.AddDays(result2);
            outputKm.Text = endDateTime.ToString("dd-MM-yyyy"); 

So, when we press the remind me button, it will take the date from endDateTime and will notify the user, based on the date of endDateTime.
I know I need to change it somwhere in the code given by the microsoft team, but I have no idea, since I am new with mobile development.
Thank you guys.

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