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Unable to add Nuget package to Xamarin Forms project

ronjacobsronjacobs USMember ✭✭

I am having trouble adding a Nuget package to a Visual Studio for Mac (8.3.10) solution. The project is Xamarin Forms with .Net Standard. When I go to manage Nuget, I select my package, select Install and I get the following output:

Getting restore information for project /Users/ronjacobs/Smart Mobil BB/DYMO.BLE.LabelApp/DYMO.BLE.LabelApp.Android/DYMO.BLE.LabelApp.Android.csproj
Getting restore information for project /Users/ronjacobs/Smart Mobil BB/DYMO.BLE.LabelApp/DYMO.BLE.LabelApp.iOS/DYMO.BLE.LabelApp.iOS.csproj
Running non-parallel restore.
Reading project file /Users/ronjacobs/Smart Mobil BB/DYMO.BLE.LabelApp/DYMO.BLE.LabelApp.Android/DYMO.BLE.LabelApp.Android.csproj.
Persisting no-op dg to /Users/ronjacobs/Smart Mobil BB/DYMO.BLE.LabelApp/DYMO.BLE.LabelApp.Android/obj/DYMO.BLE.LabelApp.Android.csproj.nuget.dgspec.json
Restoring packages for /Users/ronjacobs/Smart Mobil BB/DYMO.BLE.LabelApp/DYMO.BLE.LabelApp.Android/DYMO.BLE.LabelApp.Android.csproj...
Restoring packages for MonoAndroid,Version=v9.0...
The local source '/Users/ronjacobs/Smart Mobil BB/C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\NuGetPackages\' doesn't exist.

It appears to be looking for a windows folder on Mac?? I have seen this issue before, and stopping VS and starting it solved the issue, no so much this time.

Please Help!!


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