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Crash after iOS app launch

Hello devs...I'm running into an issue where my app launches and then immediately crashes. The app will run fine in dev and even if I push a release version directly to the phone - no errors or crashes. Only crashes with an appstore build. Looking at the Device Log, this is the only instance of an error with the app? Using VS 2019 for Mac with latest updates and packages.

Error (72) / assertiond: SyscallError: setpriority(PRIO_DARWIN_ROLE, 10656, 3): No such process

Something to do with load arguments? Just difficult to troubleshoot since this only happens with the appstore.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.


  • matrixlukanmatrixlukan Member ✭✭✭

    There could be some certificate related issues.

  • LandLuLandLu Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    @mrdatalife If you want to view the app store version's crash log follow these documentations:
    I also recommend you to use App Center to collect your apps' crash log.

  • melihemelihe USMember ✭✭

    Hey guys i have the same issue and also application had no crash report.
    Just one line of code device log.

    Found some writings about dependency of swift code etc. but still looking for a solution?

    @mrdatalife did you solve it ?

  • CliftonSteenkampCliftonSteenkamp USMember ✭✭

    Has no one found a solution to this issue as yet?

  • DavidSilverlightDavidSilverlight USUniversity, Developer Group Leader ✭✭

    After investing a ton of time trying to get to the bottom of this, I was able to resolve this issue by making the following changes in my build settings.

    1) SDK version: Set to a specific version instead of default.
    2) Linker Behavior: Link Framework SDKs only
    3) Supported Architectures: ARMv7 + ARM64
    4) I checked both of the following:
    - Use the LLVM optimizing compiler
    - Use Thumb-2 instruction set for ARMv7 and ARMV7S

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