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How to create and build a Xamarin project without Visual Studio?

mrmowjimrmowji USMember

I used to love Visual Studio Community. But after 2017 I can't stand its poor performance anymore.; takes too long to create/build even a simple console project.
It seems that software development and its tools are going in a direction in which computers like mine (4GB of RAM, Corei3) aren't enough anymore (I don't know why). Maybe software development is really going wrong.
So I decided to migrate to Visual Studio Code. It's based on Electron, but still faster and less opinionated than VS. I know about differences between VS and VS Code. It's just that for me, VS Code is much better; a single Editor for all my codings, not just .NET related projects.
I have experiences with NativeScript using VS Code. It was good. But since I mostly code using C#, I'd love to be able to build Xamarin apps outside Visual Studio.
I couldn't find any guide or reference. I'm not sure if it's MS policy.
I already know that JetBrains introduced its own IDE for .NET cross-platform development. So there must be a way, right?


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