Do I still need a driver for a phone if Windows recognizes it but Visual Studio 2017 doesn't?

I have a Xamarin.Andorid project in Visual Studio 2017. I want to deploy the project on a real device. I am following the following steps to do it:

I have done all the steps until "Install USB Drivers". When I connect the device to the computer via USB cable the computer recognizes it, I can transfer files, photoes etc. from the phone to the computer(Windows 7). My question is do I still need to install drivers for my phone(ZTE Blade A452) if the PC recognize it or is the problem in Visual Studio? 2 years ago I remember deploying Xamarin.Android application on the same device from Visual Studio 2017 in Windows 10, and I followed the steps in the link above untill "Install USB Drivers" , I didn't have to install any drivers and it worked.


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