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Async methods (and event handlers) missing from web service proxy

I am following the web services guide ( Everything works fine, except the ASYNC methods are missing from the proxy!

  1. I have added a .wsdl file to my project, and added a Web Reference using that file as the web service definition.
  2. Xamarin studio has created a web service proxy. For every Get____ method in my web service, the proxy contains a BeginGet____ and an EndGet____ method. BUT it did NOT generate a Get_______Async method, nor did it generate a Get_______Complete event.

I am using the free version of Xamarin Studio. Can anyone tell me why the Async functionality was not generated?

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  • TysonZwickerTysonZwicker CAMember

    Seems like this only works well in Visual Studio. My solution was to not use web services at all and just use a WebRequest

  • I continue to see more and more support moving toward Visual Studio, while support for Xamarin Studio for Mac continues to be less and less. I see features removed or features not working as they used to (e.g. the Build IPA feature) and I continue to see the common workaround being "use windows".

    The Async methods used to be generated and were enabled and worked fine since we started using these tools 2-3 years ago but now the Async methods are no longer generated. I updated the web service to get new methods that were added and now I lost all the Async methods. Instead of addressing and fixing the issue, we're told to use windows.

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