What is the story with this "XamlCTask" error.

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This is happening only more recently. Most of my staff reported it only the last two weeks. There is no way to recover. NONE. Whatever we found in forums, postings, bloggs is very specific, and does not work the second time around. It happens if we code even the most banal xaml error, like a typo. We are now resorting to full backup of a project every 2 or so hours at a state that has a good compile. And restore the entire project every time this unrecoverable XamlCTask barks up.
This is happening with:
1) plain forms implementations
2) SQLite, Azure implementations
3) Syncfusion implementations
4) Background Services implementations
Do we need to backout of recent xamarin, NuGet, VS upgrades, and to what lower level? We have time-critical medical projects for year-end. If this goes on, we will be forced to ditch xaml, and implement pure C#. Not good for xamarin. Please, any help is sooooo appreciated. My team is in an uproar. H e l p

Of course you need evidence, dumps, logs, sample code. Guess what? Its so predictable, and happens whenever one slips up in basic xaml coding.
Thank you for your help.

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    Thanks for the fast reply. We turned xaml compiles off, and bang it all now works (compiles). Advice was lifesaver.
    APK size of course increased, but defensible. Loading time difference nil. Because of our 'industry' we must have tons of 'try' etc in apps to catch any conceivable bady. And a long list of acceptance tests.
    This seems to be now compiling 'clean' for VS 2019 Community and Enterprise (rel. 16.x)
    And. I contracted for an outside review, and possible skills upgrade regarding our xaml know-how. Again, thanks.

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