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App and Widget in same solution, deploy in one apk

tito_o7tito_o7 Member ✭✭
edited November 2019 in Xamarin.Android

Hi, I have a problem with deploy a solution.
I have a solution with 3 projects inside:
+Reminder (Solution)
--->+Reminder (project)
--->+Reminder.Android (project)
--->+Reminder.Widget (project)
I'm able to deploy (.apk) Android and Widget but in separate apk, I want to be able to deploy both in the same apk, how can I do?
need modify manifest? and how?

...sorry i put this 'problem' in question and discussion :sweat_smile:


  • mikamamikama Member
    I never created a custom widget but i almost sure that your widget project supose to be a android library project and then you need to add it as reference to the main project
  • tito_o7tito_o7 Member ✭✭

    yes something like that, what i want to do is... have 1 apk for install +Reminder.Android which that one i can write note and +Reminder.Widget simple list view for read note in home screen, they share xml file where i write and read note. each project have the same package name.

  • tito_o7tito_o7 Member ✭✭

    i try to add reference to main project +Reminder.Android add +Reminder.Widget, then clear and rebuild but i got error, the compiler dont find any elements in Resources, that ones in +Reminder.Widget->Resources.
    Need more references?

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