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VisualStudio iOS Manifest Editor removes MinimumOSVersion from Info.plist every time opened

IrgiIrgi USMember ✭✭

In my VisualStudio 15.6.6 I use the .iOS manifest editor to set the MinimumOSVersion.


Every time I open the info.plist with the built in manifest editor, the MinimumOSVersion (Deployment Target) dropdown is empty again and the key is removed from the file. Opening the manifest editor changes the file because it shows the asterix next to the filename.

Bug or feature? ;-)


  • StasIegorovStasIegorov USMember ✭✭

    I've been experiencing this issue for at least a year already. Starting VS 2017 now I'm on VS 2019 and this still annoys me.

    My solution is to not open Info.plist using VS embedded editor - use any external editor like Notepad and edit the file manually in your file system

  • Liger_JeromeLiger_Jerome FRUniversity ✭✭

    This bug on VS editor is making me crazy... each time any developer of our team is opening the info.plist (designer), it will erase this setting and my customer complains because he can't install the app...
    Any fix planned ? it make one year that this bug anoyes us !

  • ZenDroidZenDroid USMember ✭✭✭

    Xamarin Team - any news?

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