Push notification on ios app with appcenter not succeeded

Hello developers,
I generated a cer from keychin on my mac to generate cer as distribution (adhoc + app store).
Then modified the app identifier to get push notification feature using the first cer.
Provison profile now as distribution for ios app.
Generated a key to appcenter .p8. and configured my ios app there as production.
In VS I enabled Push notification on Entitlements.plist. ( here I couldn't debug the app on my physical device, I didn't know why?).
Installed the nuget PAckage and inserted the code having my app secret which provided of appcenter.
AppCenter.Start("{Your App Secret}", typeof(Push));
Released my app to my developer acc, stared testing using testflight, sent notification but no device received.
Tried another devices but no action.
Could you help me please; I am so confused.
Thanks in advance


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