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Xcode 11.1 update automatically change my app constraints and storyboard design.

sumitmishrasumitmishra Member ✭✭✭

We are working on xamarin.ios native app development. My app is already published on App Store.
We got an update from apple for Xcode 11.1 and We have updated Xcode 11.1 and visual studio for Mac as well.
After update when we have open storyboard it’s showing me to open project in Xcode. So we have open my project in Xcode and Xcode update my storyboard constrains automatically and my apps design looking so bad. All controller design has been changed and looking very bad.

Can you please guide me what’s problem happened in Xcode 11.1 and how to solve it now or future update.

Why design constraints working good in previous Xcode version and What is wrong in current 11.1 update. We are using visual studio for mac to develop design and code.


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