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How to develop iOS app without physical MAC, using iPad as a debugging device?



  • MichelangeloFrancoMichelangeloFranco ITUniversity ✭✭✭

    Use a Mac as your main development Machine and run a Windows Virtual Machine with Visual Studio installed. We recommend using VM software such as Parallels or VMWare

  • DiviKDiviK USMember

    If the budget is the constraint, Xamarin live is the solution for you. Here is the link

    To use the Xamarin live player you need to Get the Visual Studio 2017 15.3 Preview on Windows. (Please note that it's part of VS 2017 preview ).

  • MuhammadhamzaMuhammadhamza USMember ✭✭

    you need install VMware WorkStation and MacOS vmkd virtual drive.

  • KhalTechKhalTech MAMember ✭✭


    I've been in your shoes at the beginning.

    I had in mind buying a mac mini, but in turned out that Visual Studio for mac was more reliable on macOS than Windows.
    Now they are almost the same.

    Since an apple mini cost around 400$, best would be to buy a 16gb of ram macbook retina, upgrade the ssd, and then work your UWP app from a virtual machine, as I got one for 600 €.
    If you really are on budget, I am sure that the mac mini with 16gb of ram for 400$ can work well for developing an app. Not the best choice, but why not...
    You could eventually put in a VM running windows there.

    I bought a Windows 10 pro license for 2€ on ebay, and a beat up late 2015 Macbook retina 16gb for 600 €.
    The Ubuntu server and windows 10 machine are running on virtual box just fine, and at the same time when needed.
    Selling my other laptop brought in some cash for these expanses.

    This is what I did because of VS for mac being more reliable than Windows as I had headaches debugging Visual studio errors. Now the gap is thinner than it was, so maybe developing on windows is just fine.

    Hope that helps!

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