iOS 13 (iPadOS 13) Master-Detail page always visible on iPad in landscape mode

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On iPad with at least ios 13 the Master Detail pages is permenent visible and is splitting the screen.
But only when in Landscape mode.

Expected behavior is for the content is to be hidden untill "IsPresented" is set to true. and then "Popover".

Anyone know how to fix this?

my "MasterDedailPage"

    public class RootPage : MasterDetailPage
    public RootPage()
    Xamarin.Forms.NavigationPage.SetHasNavigationBar(this, false);
    MasterBehavior = MasterBehavior.Popover;
    IsGestureEnabled = false;

edit: I have the latest stabel XF version.

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  • JohnHardmanJohnHardman GBUniversity mod
  • RVxRVx USMember ✭✭

    Thanks mate, these threads did come up i my google search.
    I did get the blank screen and fixed it with the latest forms update.

    But this problem is with the latest stabel XF...

  • RVxRVx USMember ✭✭

    That did the trick @ColeX thank you so much!

  • albalealbale Member

    Sorry. I'm new in Xamarin.
    i've read your solution about "iOS 13 (iPadOS 13) Master-Detail page always visible on iPad in landscape mode".
    I've tried your trick but not works. I receive the error: "Specified cast is not valid."
    Please help me

  • RVxRVx USMember ✭✭

    Where do you get the error?
    If you need help 99% of the time people will need to see your code to have any chance to help you.

    The code Colex provided is code for a CustomRender that is placed in the iOS project.
    There is some very good guides here

    but extremely shot:
    Create a class called "MyRenderer" in your iOS project.
    Paste the code from ColeX in that file and change the namespace to fit your project.

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