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Hi all,

My bathroom scale has died, so need a new one. Oh look, bluetooth scales - that'd be handy! (save me manually entering the data) I have an Android phone with Samsung Health (S Health) on it (which I already track some other stuff with). They list several scales that are compatible. Of course, none of these are available at my local shops (would have to buy online, pay more, and wait). :-(

However there ARE bluetooth scales available at my local shops, but not listed in S Health, and they mention "these apps are compatible (lists 1 Android and 1 iOS)" (S Health not listed, of course).

So my question is, surely it's possible to write a Xamarin app myself to get the data over bluetooth? Or do these apps have some kind of exclusive licensing deal with the scale makers? Do some of them have API's available? (this info not shown in shop listing of course) Never done anything with bluetooth before, so have no idea at all about this stuff. Would be good to start though. :-)

P.S. this is one available locally, but no idea if I can get it to sync with either S Health or a Xamarin app that I've written myself -




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    It really depends on whether the scales implement the Bluetooth Weight Scale service
    If you download a Bluetooth scanner App you should be able to tell.
    Try the Nordic nRF Connect, it will show the services that the scales provide and translate the names of those that it recognises into English.
    If the scales don't implement that service, but instead implement a proprietary one then it's unlikely that you manage to write an app without information from the manufacturer.
    Perhaps you could ask for a demonstration of a unit in the local store and use a BLE scanner to check it.
    Note that once the scales are connected to another phone/app you wont be able to detect it with a phone app.

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    Thanks @cbd! I'v put your suggested app onto my phone to start checking out some units. :-)

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