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The certificate 'Apple Development: does not match any of the prefix 'iPhone Developer', 'iOS Develo

I'm trying to compile a xamarin project, (windows 10 x64, visual studio 2019)

But an error appears
Xamarin.iOS.Common.targets (693.3): error: No valid iOS code signing keys found in keychain

Then I installed Visual studio for mac on macOs and got a more detailed error
The certificate 'Apple Development: [email protected] (********)' does not match any of the prefixes 'iPhone Developer', 'iOS Development'.

Before that, I successfully compiled and launched a program on the phone in Xcode.
An "Apple Development" certificate was automatically generated by Xcode.

As I understand it, this bug(?) can be fixed by fixing something in Xamarin.iOS.Common.targets to find the Apple Development prefix
But the file is too complicated, I do not understand what to do for sure.

Have you the solutions ?


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