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Integrate OAuth2 in Xamarin with WEB API


I apologize in advance for any dumb questions or if I'm posting in the wrong location, im new to this forum.

I have a question regarding the integration between OAuth2Authenticator and Web API.
So currently I have a standard ASP.Net Web API running and I use POST/GET/PUT/DELETE methods from my Xamarin mobileapp to register users, change users etc.

I've managed to, with 0Auth2Authenticator, get a working Google and Facebook authentication. I get a access_token in return and that token is used to get profile information, works like a charm.

My only problem is HOW do i save that information in my Web API so that I can know who has registrered through social media login? I understand that some people don't want to save that information anywhere, but I would like to so I can save their settings and their activity.

I Understand that I should be using the /api/Account/RegisterExternal url of the WebAPI, but there are only tutorials, documentation and guides for that using a web application. and in thoose cases they use the customized URL combination of your web api webpage (eg: h t t p : / / WEBSITE.COM/api/Account/ExternalLogin?provider=Google&response_type=token&client_id=self&redirect_uri=REDIRECT_URL&state=SOME_STRANGE_ID_FROM_WEB_API)

Please could someone guide me to any information?



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