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Are all versions of Windows 10 suitable for Xamarin development?

SvetoslavHlebarovSvetoslavHlebarov USMember ✭✭✭

Can I do Xamarin developmen (Xamarin.Forms or the tecnologies separetely Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.UWP) on all Windows 10 versions(Home, Pro, Enterprise, Education). And if yes, are there any advantages in developing on one Windows 10 version over the others?


  • BrianConradBrianConrad USMember ✭✭✭

    I can speak for Home as I've been successfully developing using Windows 10 Home on this machine for almost three years with just the Community version of VS 2017. That's development for all three platforms However this is a game PC which helps bit. In the past I did run VS 2003 on an XP Pro machine but can't say there wasn't any advantage there.

    HOWEVER, I must admit I am VERY DISPLEASED with Windows 10 at the moment. Yes something went wrong with their latest "wonderful" update and it has created some very bad problems. Software takes forever to load and I'm getting a lot of "Not Responding" in title bars. The machine is almost unusable.

    I'm probably not the only here who has been hit this week from the latest updates. Before most of those went smoothly. Except once a few months back when I clicked on one of those blue screens which was blank BTW and didn't say anything about an update in progress. If that was the case nothing should have happened anyway else you have very poor engineering. It cost me a day of sleuthing and reinstalling the OS.

    I hope I don't have to go through that again. The OS does run though just very poorly. I was able to an Android build of one my apps yesterday.

    Understand this is the result of a poor executive decision at Microsoft to pretty much do away with their QA department for Windows and make us the users the QA. Disgusting.

  • BrianConradBrianConrad USMember ✭✭✭

    I'm posting a follow-up for those pulling their hair out at what appears to be Windows 10 foibles. What I found was happening was the update did mess up something but what else was going on from diagnostics was a service wasn't getting launched. And it wasn't getting launched because the hard drive was starting to fail and apparently the sector where services database was located was bad. Doing a CHKDSK repaired the drive and brought it back to normal performance but the drive was still showing signs of going bad.

    So I cloned the drive to new one and everything was fine until yesterday. It took about 15 minutes for Visual Studio to launch. Playing detective again it seems the that Windows Compatibility Telemetry service was hogging the drive and CPU at 100%. That made things very slow. Terminating the service brought things back to normal. That service doing seems a symptom of some poor programming. So if things start behaving very slow check that one. Windows 10 is such a mess.

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