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How to read value in the BLE using ACR Reactive BluetoothLE plugin?

Im using ACR Reactive Bluetooth Plugin to communicate with BLE device.I can able to two characteristics

1.write/write response

2.Notify.(Considering as Read)

characteristic images-

plugin link:

I can able to write data by write characteristic from Bluetooth device using write code. But I can't able to read the characteristic using read code. Please correct if I did anything wrong in code. Please guide. Your guidance will be greatly helpful Advance thanks.

`Write code
private async void
string writetest = "LIST_DIR,audio";

        byte[] bytes = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(writetest);

        await characteristic.Write(bytes);

 // read code

  if (readcharecters.CanNotify())



readcharecters.WhenNotificationReceived().Subscribe(result => {
            var test = result.Data;
       // i don't get data here.



I need to get a response from the device. But there is no response from the device


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