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MvvmCross and navigation between ContentView

CaseCase USMember ✭✭✭

I'm new to MvvmCross and am having trouble implementing navigation between ContentViews (not pages) using ViewModel first navigation.
I am using Xamarin.Forms, not native.

Consider the following ContentPage



            <ColumnDefinition Width="150"/>
            <ColumnDefinition Width="*"/>

        <StackLayout Grid.Column="0">
            <Button Text="Content 1" Command="{Binding GotoContent1}"/>
            <Button Text="Content 2" Command="{Binding GotoContent2}"/>
            <Button Text="Content 3" Command="{Binding GotoContent3}"/>
            <Button Text="Content 4" Command="{Binding GotoContent4}"/>

        <ContentView x:Name="ContentContainer" Grid.Column="1"



I'd like to be able to navigate between different MvxContentViews in the "ContentContainer" ContentView.

I can't find any documentation whatsoever regarding using the MvxContentView let alone navigating with it.

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