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Create views / user interface of an app dynamically from a Json


Have you already developed a Xamarin application whose views are generated from a Json recovered when launching the application?
I met a client with this kind of need:

  • they are developing a web app for prototyping the screens by adding and positioning some controls (TextBox, Label, ...)
  • this generates a Json that must be interpreted by the Xamarin application: this will build the different views dynamically
  • in a first version, the user's data would be stored locally (through a file or SQLite) and synchronized "manually" when the device is connected to a computer
  • the app will work on Android only in a first time, and then on WPF

The client has not yet decided between Xamarin.Forms or Xamarin native, but it's probably more interesting to do it through Xamarin.Forms, even if iOS is not required: this should make porting on WPF easier.

Have worked on similar cases? Have you some recommendations? Are there plugins that could be used to simplify the development?
I've found this one, but I don't know if it's the same thing.

There is also this article on iOS, but there is not the same thing on Android.


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