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Modal page custom transition animation

I want to make horizontal slide transition for Modal navigation
await Navigation.PushModalAsync(new MySecondPage());

there is bool parameter which is can disable animation, but not change it

i've tried disable it and then on target page make this for example:

protected override void OnAppearing()
      this.Animate("", s => Layout(new Rectangle((-1 + s) * Width, Y, Width, Height)), 16, 250, Easing.Linear,null,null); 

but it throws an exception

System.ArgumentException: 'Argument is null or empty
Parameter name: handle'

I've searched for soultions but every solution is related to NavigationPage, but i need to use Modal page

Anyone have suggestions for this?

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  • SUDALVSUDALV Member ✭✭

    Well i guess you are right, thanks

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