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android Inspector VS 2019 Mac button disabled

Using Xamarin.Android on VS 2019 for Mac. Followed inspections on doc page to change project settings to be compatible. Now, button just give the deaded "...unknown reason" error and is disabled. IDE log attached. There was no Inspector Client log on disk

Ide.log 22.1K


  • Forgot to add using VS 2019 for Mac 8.2.5 Enterprise

  • JarvanJarvan Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai
    edited September 2019

    Here are Inspector Installation and Requirements, check on your IDE.

    Download and Installation

    1. Download and install Visual Studio for Mac.
    2. Sign in to enable your Enterprise subscription.
    3. Inspect your own app!

    Supported Operating Systems

    • Mac - OS X 10.11 or greater

    Supported App Platforms (Android)

    • Must target Android >= 4.0.3, with fastdev enabled. Must use Google, Visual Studio, or Xamarin Android emulators. Android 7 emulators may not allow inspection at this time.


  • As i said in my post, i already followed the instructions in those docs, hence why i attached the log since its still not working
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