ZXing barcode scanner results

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Hi, I'm a noob.
I'm trying get to work zxing barcode scanner.
I'm on Xamarin Forms and fire scanner via image tap gesture.
How can I be notified about scanned barcode in continuous mode?
I've got code like:
`public void ScanBarcode()

        var scanner = new MobileBarcodeScanner();
        scanner.UseCustomOverlay = false;

        scanner.TopText = "Saome text";
        scanner.BottomText = "Some text";
        scanner.CancelButtonText = "Cancel";
        var opt = new MobileBarcodeScanningOptions();
        opt.DelayBetweenContinuousScans = 3000;

        scanner.ScanContinuously(opt, HandleScanResult);

    void HandleScanResult(ZXing.Result result)
        string msg = "";

        if (result != null && !string.IsNullOrEmpty(result.Text))

            msg = "Scanned: " + result.Text;

            DisplayAlert("Hi", msg, "OK");
            msg = "Cancelled!";
            DisplayAlert("Cancelled", msg, "OK");


Doesn't get any notifications at all.


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