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Why shows UITextView nothing in TimerConfiguration

I_WeixI_Weix Member ✭✭

Hey Guys,

i have one difficult problem:

In my programm i set a Timer, which should read out all 1.5 seconds the last Error-Code from a List and shows it in a UITextView.
The function to search after the last element of the List works, it is shown via Console.Writeline (Works!!!).

But it won't be displayed in the UITextView... Can you help me whats the Problem?

Code for TimerElapsedEvent:

private void OnTimedEvent(Object source, ElapsedEventArgs e)
Console.WriteLine("[Interface]Timer: Error: " + ErrorCodes.GetLastError()); //<--This works and displays the last Error

UITextView1.Text = ErrorCodes.GetLastError(); //<-- This dont work, function returns variable<string>


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