My app isn't installing or crashing on most devices

Hi everyone,
I created an app targeting api level 28 (android 9.0) with minimum api level 19 (android 4.4), I released and gave the app to the one who ordered it and he said its either saying "There was a problem parsing the package" or "app not installed", I thought there was a problem with apk sign so I signed app myself with jarsigner and then the parsing error went away instead there is either "app not installed" or "Unfortunately, APPNAME has stopped.", and I don't know what to do, the play protect on all devices is off so that's not the cause for not installing.
Any idea what might have caused the error?
and one other thing I don't have access to those non installing and crashing phones so i can't read the logcat about crashes :(


  • ketanravatketanravat Member ✭✭

    hii @SMModarresy try changing linker option to link all assembly and rebuld project in release mode also make apk file using archive for publishing option

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