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Tabbed page and Hamburger Menu

Hello I have a MasterPage with a left menu, and a Tabbed menu with 5 pages, when I navigate in tabbed menu everything is fine, but when I push a page from the left menu, the tabbed menu is lost, how I can manage to keep the tabbed menu when I call a page that its no in the tabbed menu definition?

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  • LandLuLandLu Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    How did you handle the left menu's click event?
    Usually, we will place a listview in the master page then change the detail page through its ItemSelected event.
    What do you mean about "when I push a page from the left menu"?
    If you change the master-detail page's detail directly the tabbed page will obviously dismiss as it is the default detail page which is set at the initial time.
    If you want to push this page from your root tabbed page you can register a messaging center in a specific child page of the tabbed page. When the list view's item has been selected send a message to notify that page navigating your new page.
    It depends on how you manipulate the detail page. See more detailed usage of Master-Detail page here:

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