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I had a few questions about device.starttimer
Scenario: Tabbed page with 3 child tab pages.... each tab page has a device.starttimer on initialization.
1. Device.StartTimer(new TimeSpan(0, 0, 60), () =>
return true;
the above function on each tabpage initialization will create 3 different timers for each tab page right?

2.It runs on the Ui thread?? if I am on tab 1 the timer on tab2 and tab 3 still run even though they are not currently the selected tab user is on?
3.Do the timers tick when the app is in the background too?

3.If the callback function for the timer updates the listview in tab2 the scenario where I am on tab 1 or 3 if the timer ticks will the UI of tab 2 be updated even if I am on tab3?

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  • devxusdevxus Member ✭✭

    thank you .... very clear now :)

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