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Master and Detail must be set... Error on TestFlight

Hello guys, I've been trying to publish an APP to TestFlight and I've been having a problem that doesn't make sense to me.

I am trying to release this APP using Xamarin Forms for iOS.
So I've build the Release version of the APP in a .ipa, and I've tried the APP in 2 simulators (iOS 12 and iOS 13), and 2 devices (iPhone 8 and iPhone X).
In both of them worked with 0 errors. I've sent the .ipa with Application Loader to Apple TestFlight review team, and they are getting this error:
Master and Detail must be set before adding....

I've sent 3 diferent builds and all 3 give that error to them.
Then I tried redoing the APP in the new Visual Studio 2019 in stead of 2017 which was what I was using for the 3 releases.
I've redone the APP, built the .ipa file and uploaded it with the Application Loader, but after a few minutes of showing "Processing" in the Activity tab of AppleStore Connect, it dissapears.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank You


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