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[Xamarin.UITest] Configures the keystore that the provided apk file is signed with.


I want to use AndroidAppCondigurator.Keystore">AndroidAppCondigurator.Keystore method.

But this method requires my keystore and my key password.

How can I deal with theses passwords because the code is pushed on gitlab / github repo ?

It's seems not safe.



  • Jack_HuaJack_Hua Member ✭✭✭

    Maybe you can try to ignore these sensitive information when you push your code to github repo.

    Have a look at this thread may help.

    And I see the description of this method says:

    If a keystore is not provided, Xamarin.UITest will generate a keystore and resign the apk.

    That means you can do UITest without this keystore.

  • ThomasPauchardThomasPauchard USMember ✭✭

    I need to do my UITest with the keystore because my app is signed with a release keystore and if i try to launch my UITest with the UI testserver generated with a default (debug) keystore, it will failed.

    • Jenkins > Build app (release) > Generate APK (release keystore) > Launch UI test (debug keystore => KO) (release => OK)
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