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Upload Mac app to appstore

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First of all i am new in uploading Mac app to store using Visual studio.
1) I created one application and trying to upload to store today, but i am facing some issues while uploading to store, first one when i upload with linker behaviour Don't link, we can archive but while uploading to store its shows error in Quick time player depreciated
2) From document i found that the accepted way is linker behaviour as "Link Framework SDK only", but when i tried it it shows error while create archive "/Users/jijo/Projects/Gotham_Branch/Mac/SmartApp/MMP: Error MM2002: Failed to resolve "System.Security.Cryptography.ECDiffieHellman" reference from "System.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089" (MM2002) (SampleApp)"
3) I used the third option "Link all", i can archive and upload build to store without issue, but i run the same behaviour in Debug mode it breaks my application, lots of library classes are missing, So i am confused whether my release mode works or not while i submit it for review.

I am using Xcode 10.2.1& Visual studio 8.0.8
Xamarin.Mac Version:

Please help me to solve this issue.

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